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We are dedicated, experienced, qualified and service-oriented

ExperWELL® was established in 2016 by an innovative group of PhD scientists and engineering professionals, who are highly competent and possess experience in R&D, product development, realization, commercialization and have intensive understanding of Oil & Gas industry which lead to a success of delivering innovative products and  services for Oil & Gas sector in Norway and globally. 

With “today-better-than-yesterday” mindset, deep knowledge and wide network of our dedicated key employees, ExperWELL® has expanded in the Biotechnology where we possesses PhD scientists and entrepreneurs who have more than 100-year experiences in both the Biotechnology and Food industries.  

With existing experience, competences, ready infrastructure and proven qualification in various industrial sectors, ExperWELL® want to provide clients with a right and effective personnel solution. ExperWELL® recruiting team, called “EW Personnel”, are utilizing the knowledge and experiences of our industrial specialists accompanied with the professionalism of our recruiters to search for the right qualified candidates for clients’ need.

With our network and working culture understanding across Norway, Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa, we attract proper candidates according to clients’ need, either locally in Norway or globally. EW Personnel deliver to clients a right and cost-efficient solution for any stage of the project lifecycle. We define ourselves as a leading recruitment company in industry sectors.

The Future

Our Core Values

Be success with our team

ExperWELL® Team are dedicated, highly-skilled, experienced and service-oriented. We strive for clients’ success and hence we succeed.  

We believe that the markets expect a continually improving service. We aim to always do any task right at the first time.

ExperWELL® is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.  We have JQS Certificate and Quality Management System which help our services qualified and complied with the international ISO standard.

ExperWELL® is approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority for staffing and recruiting services.

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More Than just HR

What Do We Stand For


Delivering high-skilled, professional and loyal employees.


Providing experienced, high-skilled, personnel who are ready to jump in any stage of your project lifecycle.

Competance development

Providing a customized training program via real practical working experience and courses.

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